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Emergency Support Network (ESN) is a professional consultancy of dedicated psychologists, HR / IR practitionersand licenced private investigators.

We assist organisations to gain optimal performance, wellbeing and harmony in their workplaces.  Partnering with a variety of small, medium and large public and private sector organisations, ESN provides innovative and strategic solutions across a diverse range of highly complex people management issues.  ESN offers essential value to our clients in:

ESN offers essential value in:

For a brochure of our services please download from: ESN Brochure

8 Specialty Areas, Over 25 Years Of Experience
Our expertise focuses on eight core areas of people risk management:


To Discuss how we can assist you, Contact ESN on +61 8 9203 7777


Animal Assisted Crisis Response (AACR) Australia – Comfort Dogs in Times of Trauma

In America, these dogs work with emergency services personnel  to provide emotional support to people in crisis, and also to emergency responders.  Dr Filomena Bua has been researching the unique service these dogs provide for people affected by crisis and large scale disasters.  As we do not have any AACR in Australia, yet we have a fair share of disasters, Filomena is keen to crowd fund a project to train Melbourne based dogs and handlers to provide AACR services for Australians in need of support in times of crisis.  To find out more or how you can support this important project link into  Share with your friends, colleagues and family so that Australians can benefit from this wonderful source of support.